Can it true that these dogs are really so bad?
Here are some photos that show the contrary. 
However, don’t be deceived by their gentleness with children!
As you caress your dog and get to know his gentle nature, keep the true nature of his guardian ability in mind.
These dogs are the merciless defenders of the flock, and to try to make them behave like other dogs could be very dangerous.
It is always better to make sure that the owner is present before you try to approach one of these dogs.

The Abruzzese is the best friend of children. 
Despite his violence with other dogs and predators, he is extremely sociable with children with whom he has an entirely different relationship. 
The Abruzzese exhibits unbelievable behavior.  The dog immediately accepted unknown children.  Without complaining, he submits happily to all the children’s possible "tortures". 
Attention: This characteristic applies only to the Abruzzese DOG.  In fact, some crossbreeds coming from cross breeding with other lines manifest a certain intolerance in their dealings with children.
In the photo we see Orso allowing Alessandra to have a “ride".
Even if she is eating Sentinella loves to be caressed by children. 
It is always better , however, TO LEAVE THE DOGS ALONE WHILE THEY ARE EATING.
The daughters of Sentinella: Poppea and Cleopatra also love being surrounded by eager, happy children who want to cuddle with them!


But will they ever understood that they are not plush toy bears? 
In the photo we see Cleopatra at 4 months of age.
The pup of the Man........ 
.... and the pup of dog.
In the foreground you see Poppea with her new friends.

Are we a beautiful couple ehh?