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MessaggioInviato: mar set 20, 2005 1:25 pm
da admin
Benvenuti nel nuovo forum.
Finalmente un forum tutto per noi senza pubblicitĂ  indesiderate e con molte funzioni nuove.
Potete postare le foto dei vostri amici o discutere su tutto quanto riguarda i cani da difesa del gregge.
Non sono ammessi messaggi di vendita di cani o messaggi offensivi o volgari.
se volete potete anche consigliare l'apertura di nuovi argomenti.
se vi saranno abbastanza utenti li apriremo
spero che questo forum vi piaccia.
Sono graditi commenti. ; -)) :D


Marco Petrella

MessaggioInviato: dom set 25, 2005 9:19 am
da Ospite
so contento per te.........buon lavoro :D :D :D


MessaggioInviato: mar set 27, 2005 12:23 pm
First of all excuse me using english.
At the moment im spending lot of time in Italy (Marche).
I have spotted white dogs in Gran Sasso area, more precisely when driving the small road from Sassotesso to Fargno.
My nationality is Finnish and back in Finland i have 2 Cuvacs.
Can someone tell me where i can find more different type of Abruzzese, i suppouse those i have seen were Aquilano?
It would be really fantastic to me to find someone who speaks English and is able to point me out where to go.(If there is someone who can speak Finnish it is even better :-)).

I am here

MessaggioInviato: mar set 27, 2005 7:00 pm
da Marco
Hi friend,
i have many friends in Finland.
in the last year i have also received the visit of of some friends and the finnish tv.
To find more different type of Abruzzesi you need to come here.
but you also need to know were are.
it is also hard for me to fond new bloodlines.
the bloodlines of the show are very related.
I am very happy to receive your visit.


MessaggioInviato: mer nov 02, 2005 10:27 am
da Ospite
Work is disturbing my personal life so only now back online
Would it be ok to visit You 5.11 or 12.11 or 19.11, saturday is for me best day.
If we can agree about the day maybe You will give me some kind of driving instructions.
Im coming from Ancona so how far i have to drive?
Looking forward to see You.

P.S my email is

MessaggioInviato: sab mar 25, 2006 4:26 am
da Lyn
Hello Marco! I have been to your website many times and I am happy to see a forum now, this is good news. :)
I have a Maremma here in New Zealand, he is nearly 10 years old now so I must get a pup again soon. My husband and I have been so delighted with our dog, he is the most loyal, protective, friend possible and we will miss him terribly when he goes. :(
We will be in Italy in May and hope to stop off on the train from Rome to Milan in the Abruzzi area so I also hope we get to see some dogs then also.
Thank you for your very informative website. :)



MessaggioInviato: sab mar 25, 2006 8:03 am
da Marco P.
Hi Lyn,
thank you for your message.
Here, in Abruzzo, in May there are many neozelandesis for the shearing of the sheep.
they work in incredibly fast way.
I hope to see you.