USA: ritirato prodotto della Royal Canin

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USA: ritirato prodotto della Royal Canin

Messaggioda Marco » mar feb 14, 2006 8:48 pm

Vi riporto una notizia così come l'ho presa:
In America vi è stato un errore nella preparazione di un mangime dietetico della Royal Canin.
il prodotto è stato ritirato dal commercio e la ditta ha dovuto fare un comunicato per segnalare l'errore.
il prodotto conteneva dosi èccessive di vitamina D3 che ha provocato problemi in numerosi cani.
Si tratta di un prodotto in gel per uso dietetico in genere prescritto dai veterinari

The Department of Agriculture and Markets has become aware of a recall of a
ROYAL CANIN dog food. ROYAL CANIN Veterinary Diet Canine URINARY SO
in gel canned product has been recalled because of excessive levels of
vitamin D3.
The excessive levels of vitamin D3 have resulted in 8 cases of hypercalcemia
in dogs. The attached alert from the ROYAL CANIN Company contains important
information concerning the recall of this product. This
product is only available for purchase through veterinarians.
February 2, 2006

We regretfully inform you of a recently uncovered problem with our ROYAL
Canine Veterinary DietTU canned diets. Since November, we have had 8
reported cases from across the USA of hypercalceroia dogs. Clinical work-ups
suggested high levels of vitamin D3. All of the dogs affected were on ROYAL
CANIN Veterinary Diet(tm) Canine URINARY SO(tm) in gel canned diet.
Consequently we started an exhaustive nutrient analysis of our canned
This week, we received the independent laboratory results of these nutrient
analyses. It is now clear that there are production tots of ROYAL CANIN
Veterinary Diet1" Canine URINARY SO(tm) in get canned product in
the market with excessive levels of Vitamin D3. The following production
Lots are affected (the "best before" date codes are noted on the cardboard tray
mURINARY SO"1** m gel canned (best before 03/2007,05/2007 and 06/2007),
Our records indicate that you may have purchased some of the affected
products. These production code lots should not be fed to pets. Please contact,
your clients currently feeding these products to determine if they
are feeding an affected code tot. Our veterinarians and
representatives are also available to support you at all times.
You may contact your distributor for product replacement or refund. Please
do not hesitate to contact you? ROYAL CANIN Veterinary Diet(tm)
representative, or our technical veterinary support team at 800 592-6687
with any questions or concerns that you may have,
The excess levels of Vitamin D3 in the affected production lots are due to a
vitamin premix error. We have taken ! appropriate actions to ensure that
this type of error does not recur. subsequent code lots have been tested
and, other than the production lots noted above, can be used with confidence.
We genuinely regret, that this has occurred as we peace the highest priority
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Messaggioda Ospite » dom ago 20, 2006 8:25 am

great :) :)

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