Histories Of Dogs 

In some villages of Abruzzo, where the stock-raising was strongly rooted, the abruzzesi shepherds dogs were subject of strong discussions and the histories of some of them were told in the squares and in the tavern as today it is done with the games of football. We tell you some "histories of dogs." 

Alpino: Owner Luigi Petrella, Pratola P. 

Walking along the Tratturo between Pratola and Raiano in the years '70....

Story of Renzo F.: "I remember, when I was boy, that one day of good morning had to bring me with my father to irrigate a ground. To be able to reach the ground was necessary to pass in a road it posts beside the farm Petrella. While we were being about to pass next to the farm we came upon there in a big dog that blocked us the road; it was Alpine. Despite we were on a carriage the dog it was so motivated to defend the flock to prevent us to approach us to the farm. The carriage was pushed violently so much that my father decided to return back and to take another longer but more secure road."

ALPINO: Owner Luigi Petrella, Pratola P.: 

The capture of Alpino Abruzzese of "Per la form"....

Story of F.F. (town worker): "one day we had to polish up the roads from the stray dogs and, unfortunately  was given there the charge to capture Alpine. Only to load him on the van wanted us four people. Alpine it was known to all in the country, he lived free but it always stayed before the stall where the sheep of Luigi Petrella were guarded in the called plaza "per la form"
It was very great but also very tame and it was the preferred game of the children that they rode him as if it were a donkey. Once brought to the kennel, when he was calmed, we decided to weigh him. Accomplice a bit of meat, we put him on a bascula.
When we read his weight we stayed amazed: it weighed more than one hundred kilos!! "

Shortly after the shepherd came that, naturally, as other times he was happened, paid the fine the shepherd the dog he took back.

LISETTA: Owner Antonio Petrella, Pratola P. 

Don't bother the dog in the flock........

Story of F. S.: When I was boy, in the years 50, I approached in the tratturo and I met Anthony with his flock. While I was lingering with him we saw to sprout two big dogs raced of ownership of a marshal of the army. Anthony the ammoniums not to make to approach them to the flock because Lisetta was jealous a great deal. The marshal almost to mo' of challenge it said not to worry since his dogs would have subdued Lisetta in little time. After a few minutes when the dogs continued to bother the flock the shepherd him turn toward his dog and their looks they were crossed. It was as an order and Lisetta I am hurled around two dogs as a furious fury. The marshal, worried, I implore the shepherd to stop her/it. The shepherd made a whistle and Lisetta I return from his/her master while the marshal him I precipitately get further with his dogs that had suffered some big wounds.

ALPINO: Owner Luigi Petrella, Pratola P.: 


The fall of a lightning............

Story of Attilio C.: All of our family was working our garden set along the Rio street  when  began to rain.
All of a sudden while we were looking for a shelter under a big tree, we found us of Alpino forehead, the dog of "Amchill" that he lived in the near farm set along the tratturo. Alpino stopped  in front of us outdistanced of some  meters and beginning to persistently fix us to the point that we decided to step backwards in a more distant point.
We knew that it was tame but its massive structure and its strange behavior scared us.
It stayed firm to look at that tree for about 20 minutes when finally he turns and of release moved him.
Time some second we heard a strong stroke accompanied by a strong shine.
A lightning had struck that big tree and  had incinerated it.

ALPINO: Owner Luigi Petrella, Pratola P.


The Lightning Strike...........

Story of Attilio C. : Our whole family was busy working on our garden instead of along the Rio road when it began to rain. At some point while we were looking for a shelter under a big tree, we were confronted with Alpine's dog of Petrella family who lived in the nearby farmhouse situated along the cattle track. He stopped in front of us spaced a few tens of meters and begin to stay insistently to the point that we decided to retreat to a more distant. We knew he was meek​​, but his size and his strange behavior, we put fear. He stood still to look at that tree for about 20 minutes when he finally moved around and shooting. Time a few seconds we heard a loud bang accompanied by a strong glow. Lightning struck the large tree and had incinerated.

Meet the Abruzzesi Dogs at the cave of  "Amichill" on Orsa mount

The visit of the pasture of the Morrone

in the 50s one day I found myself People from my hometown and I asked where I could find a nice Abruzzese shepherd dog. The shepherds of the village of Popoli tell me to see a sheperd near Pratrola, Antonio with the nickname "amchill". I went to the farm where the sheep had said "Lu casin Ruscio" located just near the country where I received the same Antonio. He said that the dogs were guarding the sheep on the mountain and to take the puppies had to climb on foot up to the sheep pen. We decided to go and pick them up and we went under the Morrone where we started on a path that led beneath a ruined castle. Antonio went ahead of us and we could hardly to stay behind, tall and skinny hopped upon the stones as if they were dancing and we had no more breath for talking. Going along this valley we suddenly found ourselves watched by a crowd of dogs that had sprung up all around the mountain as if they were guards placed there to defend a fort. At a sign Antonio dogs retreated and we were able to access the sheepfold which was but a small cave where they found shelter for the sheep. The puppies were very small and I had a few days of life. Antonio i put them a shopping bag and took them to Pratola. That little puppy grew up in an incredible way and became a very big dog who still remember with pleasure. Strong and brave defending our home as if it were his flock. 45 years later I returned to Peoples and exit of Pratola I noticed a guy with a baby in her arms. I could not believe my eyes, that dog was a photocopy of my dog​​. I made a quick U-turn and I went to that boy. I told him my story and told him that I thought I still find these dogs. He answered, that pastor was my Grandfather. I never expected such a thing and my next visit to the farm Petrella filled me with deep satisfaction.