The Mating.

italian Version

The bitches generally come on heat every 6 months for a period of about 21 days. 
After an initial period of about a week in which the signs of the heat are only a little visible the dog begins to have some losses of blood. 
In this period it is not necessary to separate the males from the btich for at the moment the bitch is not still ready to be mated and avoids contact with the male. 
The most favorable period to mate the dog is around 10 days from the beginning of the heat. 
Frequently the calculation of the days is mistaken since the dogs feel first the arrival of the heat and the breeder tries to effect a mating too soon. 
The better thing to be done is to mate the bitch around nine days after the beginning of the losses or when the blood losses begin to decrease. 
A useful method is to scratch the rump of the bitch; if the bitch will move the tail of side she will want to say that she is ready to mate.
If she is not wanting to allow the dog to mount her, it is necessary to separate her two or three days after the beginning of the losses and to hold her separate for about ten days or maybe less. 
Generally when the bitch is not willing to mate she manifests a certain aggressiveness towards the male; it is also the signal that the heat is ended now.