They are so many the novelties to propose you and that we make you see from the photos:
Here is the first litter of 2009:

Here one of the males been born in 2009:

the two males are here still and they seem to promise well:

 to the left here is Bella, one bitch of ours playing with a pup.

another photo of Bella

A daughter of Bella been born on the end of April

the socialization of pups and adults it is very important to have balanced dogs.

two males of different genetic lines to comparison:
You notice the difference among that of left and that of belonging right to a very great and almost extinct bloodline.

here is Agrippina the mother used to select the dogs "Peligni."

here are the males to 4 months.
in the photos that follow some particular of the heads.

and here is the new queen: SPERONELLA.
a photo is worth more than every word.
Her sister is depopulating in England.


September 2008

Here is The Pups of Bella

Two males to be frightened, you look that head


But we return back to January 2008.
the year was initiated with the birth of some pups, here is a video of the birth of Brutus:

and here is Brutus to seven months

Another pic of Brutus


and this is Righel to 4 months in his new house.



August 2007: The Pups of Poppea.

Here are the new litter of Poppea.
It is not to understand effortless as it will be an adult dog but if it looks him at these pups it stays in love:
The hair is white as the milk and the pigments they are completely black.
They have begun to very precociously eat to 21 days and their rhythm of growth it is impressive.
For now it doesn't stay us whether to cuddle them but we are certain of it, these dogs will make to speak of if

here is a photo of other pups.
September 2007

The pups continue to grow.

Here is Cico.
is it a nice male?

Two pups playing with one them "friend" of 4 months.
Perfect head?
what do you think?

She will want to make a top model....
The litter of Agrippina

The year start with the birth of 2007.
Here the 5 pups of Agrippina been just born and already very great.



Here is Roccia, child of Poppea few days after the birth.

20 days: and here are our five females to open the eyes.
22 days after the birth.


1 month: it is the moment to go out.


...and the story continue......
................ talk to you soon on this page.