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The New Giants

(January 2013)  The breeding work sometimes gives its satisfaction.
Dogs born in the past years are doing really well and people seem to appreciate this work to preserve this ancient breed.
We are the only ones left, some might say, given that in recent years has arisen the idea that the real dog Abruzzese should be a dog is not very high and not too heavy.
We of course do not follow the trends of this theory and there give a damn highly continuing to work as we have always done.
In Russia, Northern Europe and the United States but also in Italy we found someone who understands these dogs and  many great examples of Originals Abruzzesi make itself heard and continue to bring up our name and the name of an entire region.
Here Lena female emblem of rusticity:

pictures of the snowfall of January 2013

Below William

Orco 8 months trains a puppy



Orco's head looks promising

Alpine, designated heir of Attila, with Katty.

From Russia with fury, ,
A dog sent three years ago named Davide, is sweeping many fans of Abruzzesis dogs.
His children are examples of an imposing and fabulous structure with excellent joints and perhaps even the cold weather gives a coat more beautiful.
Here are some photos of Russian friends:

a photo that really like, Davide, the son of Attila, taken up with a miniature horse.

below Vittoria bitch of 65 kg near a male Pyrenean.