A question asked by many is why many people prefer a Petrellas dog to other breeds or other maremmas.
One of the reasons is due to the fact that our dogs have shown excellent both at work and in the defense of families showing an equilibrium that is not easy to find in this breed.
One of the problems we often  have with these dogs is due to the behavior that these dogs have in contact with strangers.
Many dogs are overly territorial and this creates big problems if they are left free in the pastures or if we have a guest in the house.
Our dogs in the presence of the owner show no aggression and even if let loose in defense of a flock do not attack humans limiting itself to ward off predators for which they were selected.
This feature might seem insignificant to many  but it is important for those dogs used in defense of sheep and cows in protected areas where meeting between tourists and sheep are order of the day.
This explains the reason for the success of these dogs through word of mouth of people who have seen them or had created a "tell a Friend" that has made them extremely popular.
This explains why a noble family, personality of culture and music choose to have a Petrella to guard their villas.
The method of selection guarantees dogs stronger and lowers the risk of having problems: dogs, in fact, at birth suffer a natural selection dictated by the nature without recourse to drugs and only the strongest specimens arrive at adulthood.

An average litter is never more than five samples, and once weaning dogs are fed exclusively in a natural way with raw meat.
Bitches do not get to do more than three or four litters in a lifetime and the dogs are not used in the selection remain in the group.
The only treatments that our dogs suffer are the pesticides..
Puppies also are not kept separate from other dogs and undergo training to stay in the group done by the other members of the group that reinforces them at character developing in them a strong equilibrium behavior.

The new owners also are supervised and instructed to breed them in the correct way avoiding or reducing future problems.
Then here is easily explained why too many people prefer our dogs even if sometimes they are great champions.