The links of our friends


Sue Hewart Chambers English site on Maremma Sheepdogs The official UK Maremma website


Mary Jarvis The site of the secretary of the Maremma sheepdogs of America.
Charlotte Walsh English site on Maremma sheepdogs.
Sharon Maguire English Site  devoted to all the races of dogs to know all on our friends.
Angelika Petzold German site devoted to the shepherds Maremmano-Abruzzesi.
In the site so many postcards.
Jane English site devoted to the Maremma's dogs in UK. French site devoted to the dogs with articles and cards on all the races of dogs.
Animal Service The French portal of the health of the animals. News suggestions and forum on all the animals.
Francis Vandersteen Belgian site of Francis Vandersteen with a lot of news on the friends to "four legs".
Tim Douglas Site Australian, in English, by Tim Douglas.
Club Abruzzo Atletica Peligna The site of the sporting association sponsored by Sentinella . On the sweaters of the athletes the head of sentinella and the address of the site that it promotes the race.
April Romeo Site devoted to the horses and the dogs of April and Brian Romeo (Whoa & Go Quarter Horses)
Sue Anderson French site of Maremmani Abruzzesi