I look for a Pup! 

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If you need a pup you can contact the breeder directly by phoning n.(0039) 0864.272356 - (0039) 349.2886009 (mobile phone) (We speak only Italian or French) or by sending an e-mail to: marcopetrella@quipo.it 
The pups are granted only to lovers of the breed that  have sufficiently ample space for the dogs.
Even thought  the dogs give birth once a year, they do not it always have pups. It is opportune therefore to make contact with the breeder and to book the pup with a few months of advance.


It is important to know that the breeder will not sell pups to people who do not respect the following rules: 

  1. The use of the dogs in combats is forbidden . 

  3. It is forbidden to keep the dogs tied up to a chain.

  5. The dogs have to enjoy ample free spaces and are not to be, therefore, kept in small areas.

  7. The owners or the people to whom the dogs are entrusted will have to effect the registration of the pups to the canine registry of affiliation and they will have to respect the rules of those registries.



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