Abruzzese Shepherd Dog

(Also called sheperd's dog, Abruzzese Mastif, Wolf dog of Abruzzo)

by Marco Petrella

"We breed these dogs since 1700"

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Last Updated: friday, december 31 2021
Welcome to the first site dedicated to the Abruzzese Shepherds and those who love them.

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photo 1 Puppies, photo 2 Orso, photo 3 Poppea. Click on the image to enlarge it.

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Season's Greetings to all

Finally a new litter

october 2021: After a long time we can announce the birth of new puppies. To see the pups click here...


To see the new pics click here

About the Abruzzese Shepherds weight

For many years, animated discussions about the weight of these dogs and the fact that some witnesses even from this site claiming that are false and that they are only fictional.
It can be a story invented is possible and of course is impossible to provide evidence of stories told by shepherds and passed down from father to son.
However, if the stories exist is better to known it and leave who hears them  their free judgment.
In the meantime, enjoy this video on weighing of a superb 83-kg sample that certainly is not a figment of someone's imagination:

Sons, nephews of Attila and his heirs ......

Here is Alpino, the new jewel of  Petrellas family

May 2015: These are the children of Alpino

in the page
allevamento online other pic of the pups

New section: videos of Abruzzesis sheperds
Here's a preview with a video of the life of the Group of our dogs

Here is a video that shows you how to live our dogs and puppies are educated for the life of the group:

Looking the perfect Abruzzese.

You often ask how do you choose the original Abruzzese dog .
Here's an article that explains some "tricks of the trade" and how to avoid taking other breeds mistaking them for Abruzzo.
To read it go to the monographs or
click here

The importance of having a valid genetic bloodline

We receive many compliments from people who have worked with our dogs and this fills us with pride.
In the United States or elsewhere have the opportunity to evaluate and appreciate these wonderful dogs and have answered questions that people do especially about their differences with other dogs or other breeds.
About two years ago are initiated the renovation work of the old farmhouse that hosting our dogs to offer to our visitors and our dogs a better environment for their growth and their promotion preserving this important farm where the dogs have always lived as evidenced by the chronicles of travelers who passed here from old Ages to the present and writed in some ancient books.
In short, a page with photos of dogs originated from ours and scattered in various parts of the world:


We are the only ones left to breed these dogs? even according to many even exist and would only result of fantasies.
So here are
some photos of new dogs born in the last year and that can raise any concerns.


A question asked by many is why many people prefer a Petrellas dog to other breeds or other dogs?
A page explains why our dogs are appreciated all over the world and why people prefer them.
To read the article
click here


We are adding new content and photos on the site, added a new page that collects  the best videos of these beautiful dogs.
Pages have been updated with new pictures of dogs  in the page
the photo of the dogs with the specimens used in recent years.
You can see also photos of our dogs with the new owners that seem satisfied.

Can Abruzzesi stay with children?

Many people are asking if our dogs can live with children. (NB: we are speaking of our dogs bred by us)
Here's a video that is worth more than each response:

here are some photos taken with Daniel, one year of age.

to see more photos go to the page Kennel online


New pups available from August

In June, new pups sons of Elsa and Attila were born.
Here are some photos taken just a few days of life::

to see more photos go to the page Kennel online or in the page pups available

The dogs that make children happy.

Continue the visits of children who are happy to see our puppies:


Survey on Hip Dysplasia
July 2012 published   in the section "Monographs" a very interesting article that lists some recent studies of the test against dysplasia and on the wars between the various centers that certify that disease. According to someone the state that our dogs or those of some shepherds who raise their dogs naturally have less joint problems and are more resistant is a news that would have no basis result of fantasy alone and without scientific basis. The article also talks about how to reduce risk and is explained in a scientific way because of the dogs bred in a natural way as ours they are less likely to manifest the problem. To read the article click here

Lies on the web about Abruzzesi shepeerd dogs

We receive more and more messages of stories about our dogs made ??by supposed experts with imaginative stories that clearly are not so expert. It turns out that our dogs would one day Pyrenees, another turn of the Tatras and so on and so forth. We therefore decided to provide answers to some of these authentic idiocies of the web continue

The vaccine that lasts a lifetime
The vaccine against canine distemper or parvovirus have a minimum of about seven years and we can conclude that they can protect your pet for life and yet the dogs are vaccinated every year. An interesting article on vaccination protocols in the section monographs.
read the page

Article on the dogs of Petrella's family 

A journalistic troupe has gone here with us and has created ??an interesting article in the Journal d'Abruzzo, which tells the story of these dogs and our family. To read the article click here

The Successes of our dogs to the foreign countries.
Maja and Davide Champion on Russia

Brushed the victory at Cruft

April 13 th 2011: If of the successes gotten by our dogs in the defense from the raiders we almost all know many they don't know what our dogs are often imposed in some shows in various parts of the world.
Of sure one of the most beautiful successes have been that gotten by Nerina to the Crufts where she has won the second position. One daughter of Nerina, Margherita Bianca won on the special Junior Bitch.
It deals with one of the most important show dogs in the world and it is the best answer that can be given to whom say that our dogs aren't typical dogs. Also in Sweden Elisa makes hoarding of titles while the children of Cleopatra excel in England and Australia.

Resulted test for hip dysplasia in Sweden

According to the data of the Swedish Kennel Club  and available to everybody, the dogs coming from our kennel and raised by the friend Ann Eling they are results the best.
On sixty born pups, the 99% of the dogs perfectly result healthy. They are given extremely positive that testify as the methods used by the shepherds by us used they are very best of the modern technologies used for fighting such problems.
Our congratulations to Anna for the good work.
it is to notice that in Sweden all the tests are recorded, also those negative, and therefore it is not possible to conceal the negative results.

Abruzzesi sheperds become Hollywood stars

 22 nove,ber 2011: he great Rockstar choose them in defense of their homes and Disney today launches Santa Paws.

two Abruzzese Shepherd puppies were chosen by the musician Michael Sembello to protect his house. Iy is a tribute to Michael and his wife Lisa have wanted to make their Italian heritage. Even Disney has finally decided to use even some abruzzesi puppies  as protagonists of the Christmas movies will be shown in all cinemas.
read the complete article

in the photo above Michael Sembello  proudly shows her two new puppies breeding of Marco Petrella.
Below the trailer instead of the movie "The Search for Santa Paws".


August 2010: The pups been born in the past years are very representative of our ancient race. The number of samples present in various areas of Italy and around the world continues to grow and the indications we receive are very positive both from the health of dogs and as regards their attitude to work. In the farms that use our dogs the losses due to predators have down significantly and there were no attacks on walkers that transit nearby, thi is a sign of a an equlibrated behavior. Many have asked to have the same dogs on their farms after seeing these dogs at work and this is the pride of our race.

Here is our new male Attila when he had 10 months:


Here is a pictures of Onna working in Canada:


Histories of Dogs:

Inserted a new story: go to the page


The Walking of the Morrone Mountain 2009

Sunday August 16 th 2009 they are the traditional walking of the Morrone Mountains devoted to the transumanza.
If you want to participate look the program in the forum or
click here
The video and the photos of the old excursion are available
clicking here
We remember you that for the groups it is possible to repeat the excursions in other dates and escorted by the dogs (excluded those more binding) that they will accompany you in these expensive places to shepherds Abruzzesi's memory.

We are waiting other pups from the same father available for November / December 2008.
We invite you therefore to book in advance Your pup.
Meanwhile...... the dogs been born in January grow: you go on the page
Kennel on line to see how they have become.


As you will know, our region has been the subject of a violent earthquake. There were many deaths and a lot of people lost everything they owned.  There are many shepherds who, besides losing their houses, lost all their flock. Here, the farm withstood the shaking, and although it suffered some damage, it still stands.  Even though everything here has stopped, our region is not among those benefiting from reconstruction aid; but this is of little importance considering that at the end these funds always end up in the wrong hands.
The dogs suffered a lot and had a very strong reaction. They broke down the metal enclosures and were all gathered in the center of the lawn, clearly in a state of shock. The night of the earthquake they barked so forcefully that their barking woke people who lived several kilometers away.
This video is my answer to whomever asks me about our dogs:

 The Children of the ACLIs visit our farm

A group of children of the ACLIs has come to make visit to our dogs.
The dogs have appreciated a lot the visit and the children  have been able to understand that the Shepherds Abruzzesi, those true, are not dangerous dogs for the tourists and that they can develop well their job without particular bothers for the man.
The meeting is an initiative of promotion of the tratturis denominated "On the Paths of the Tratturis"
>>>> read more


dicembre 2007: They numer of our dogs present on the various part of the world is increased.
Senta is a first female of our Abruzzese shepherd dogs in Usa and become a symbol of our region.
Choice to now strengthen a molt of dogs in the defense of the flock from the attacks of the predatory now she has become a great female that works fair in Minnesota.
Later Senta there have been other dogs that have honored our region with their job and that they have begun to produce pups very required and appreciated.
We are proud for this and repays us of the immense job developed for selecting these dogs and to make to know them to the foreign countries.
to the left Vincenzo working in USA.


Also in Sweden our dogs are being successful.
The dogs sent in the last years have begun to make litter,
looks the video, and begun a complicated project of education of the local populations to their use in substitution of the rifle to protect the breeding animals from the attacks of the predatory, above all wolves.
also in England they are attraction for our dogs: Penelope and his song Uno win in some show and other a coming on.


december 2007: Who knows the Abruzzo region knows about the existence of big white dogs used   to defende the animals from raiders.
But the Abruzzese is not famous only in Abruzzo, rather, to the foreign countries It is making to surprise the local populations that they would ever have thought to a so useful use of these dogs that thanks to their job they have succeeded where expensive projects had failed.
In Australia the press has writed a lot of pages about some dogs Abruzzesi used for protecting a colony of penguins.
In Australia, these dogs have been being introduced for different years and they have a great deal now a number of samples diffused.
A breeder of chickens Australian Allan Swarp, called "Swampy" has decided to try to defend the colony of penguins to Middle Island of Warrnambool's using some shepherds Maremmano Abruzzesi... Abruzzesi....

Note that this article is only in Italian
We hope to translate it on English with your help.

Abruzzeses dogs save wolf

1 November 2006:

A fact of chronicle happened in the mountains of the Laga at the end of October 2006 has had a lot of prominence in the Italian media.
The newspapers are instigated with the strangest conjectures giving a lot of prominence to this fact defined anomalous.
Two Abruzzesi shepherds dogs have saved a wolf from the certain death.

The attack of Roccacasale

Some wolves have attached a flock of sheep to Roccacasale in July 2006.
Being present I could not do to less less than make you a chronicle than happened
Here is the story of a day given to find again the lost sheep.
it is the second attack in the valley Peligna after that of
Pacentro of last year. We warn you that some images are rather strong and not suited for the vision of sensitive people. Nevertheless, the interest shown by the international scientific world for our wolves induces us to make to see you these photos.

Cleopatra on Morrone Mountains

some year has passed from its theft and despite the signalings Cleopatra has not been found again yet.
We would have had to remove this news now old but we have decided to leave the photo that has made her famous more than all.
The photos that it has him withdraw on the Morrone Mountain are published in a lot of magazines and web sites.


Finally on line the first virtual museum of the Vreccale. A page to know as in the various parts of the world the shepherds defended their dogs from the attacks of the wolves. In the page there are so many collars of different nations. 
If you want to enter here
click here

The pages of the history. 
In exclusive for You the history and the ancient photos of the shepherds of the Morrone Mountain. Extracted by a study in phase of realization. 
A special preview devoted to the past times and their protagonists. 
To see the page
click it
A thanks to everybody and particularly to the friends that send us e-mail from the whole world.
In the last year we have received the visit of many friends, of numerous journalists and of important broadcasting stations television parties to see our dogs.
A Thanks to all for the compliments and you keep on writing us, we will answer You.

Abruzzese Shepherds appeal to a wide range of people, and are ambassadors of friendship to the whole world.
The photos of the dogs represented in this site are mainly of dogs bred by the Petrella family.  They have strived to continue a family tradition dating from many generations devoted to the breeeding of these splendid shepherd dogs, following the criteria and guidance of the shepherds of Abruzzo today.  These dogs, which are very greatly valued by breeders, are not show dogs, but are mainly selected for protection of the flock, according to the preferences of the shepherds handed down from generation to generation.
In these pages  the history is told of the Abruzzese shepherd dog  and how they have retained useful suggestions for a correct breeding of the race. 
If you notice that some pages don't open or If you liked the site you are welcome to send an e-mail to:
marco@abruzzese.org it or a letter to the following address: Marco Petrella: via napoli, n.5, 67035 Pratola Peligna (AQ) ITALY.
Phone 0039.0864.272356 cell.0039.349.2886009 (we speak Italian and French and a little of english)

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