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The children of the Aclis have crossed a line of the tratturo between Raiano and Pratola walking the roads that the shepherds of ancient times effected during the transumanza. .
During the journey they have visited the Petrella farm, where they have been able to get to know some Abruzzesi Shepherds that the Petrella family have bred for generations.
During the meeting, the children and the managing of Acli has received the regard of the Mayors of Pratola and Raiano. Marco Petrella  has explained the living conditions of the shepherds and the importance in the community of the tratturis used  to move the flocks to pasture.
The children have been able to play with the dogs which have very happily accepted their caresses dispelling a myth that they are extremely aggressive.
The children have been able to see some typical utensils of the shepherds, such as the vreccalis, used for defending the dogs from wolf attacks. They have learned that the use of these dogs in different parts of the world
defending protected fauna, and as a shepherd, the Abruzzese can save, besides the sheep, a lot of other animals from extinction. In fact, their use in protection of animals, avoids the use of methods of elimination of the predators.

It is discovered that the dogs Abruzzesi and similar breeds are also used to defend endangered penguins in  Australia, antelopes and others animals  in Africa and in other parts of the world from different types of predators including wolves and bears, lions, jaguars, eagles, foxes, dingo, puma et cetera.

During the excursion the boys have been able to cross some historical places as the tavern of the chitarra, once used as a mail station of and as a rest-stop for travelers, and some sites of ancient Roman villages and longobardi.
The party was composed of around 60 children accompanied by numerous instructors and the National President of the Aclis, Nicola Tritella.
The boys, were escorted during the excursion by the men of the civil Protection of Pratola and Raiano and the  Life Club Association of Teramo.





in the photo Marco Petrella explains how the vreccale was used

Who says that the Shepherd dogs are Dangerous?

They were more than 60 children present and the dogs have not shown any sign of nervousness.
Unfortunately these dogs are often labeled as dangerous.
Nevertheless, these photos show exactly the contrary and perhaps if there are some aggressive dogs the guilt must lay more in his owners that have not managed their animals well.





Brutus (5 month x40kg) play with the guests.


Poppea has been the more cuddled