Two Abruzzesis Dogs  save a wolf

By Marco Petrella

from a true fact of chronicle happened in the Reatino

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A fact of chronicle happened in the mountains of the Laga at the end of October 2006 has had a lot of prominence in the Italian media.
The newspapers are instigated with the strangest conjectures giving a lot of prominence to this fact defined anomalous.

Here is the history:

Two Abruzzesi shepherds dogs  have saved a wolf from the certain death.
The wolf was torn up by a wild boar trap. He had dragged himself up to the farm that
was guarded by two Abruzzesi shepherds dogs.
Normally they would have rejected the wolves or the stray dogs that had drawn near to the stall.
However this time the shepherds dogs seem to know the wolf was injured and that he was not a danger and they let him enter the barn where the wolf collapsed..
When the shepherds entered the sheepfold they were amazed to see the wounded
wolf in the company of the dogs.
The shepherds immediately called a veterinarian that has taken care of him and submitted then to the forest rangers that have moved him to the Zoo in Rome where it is out of danger now.
The dogs have become famous and the event has even been treated as miraculous.
It is undoubtedly an event that seems abnormal at first, when viewed through human eyes, but if looked at according to the rules of nature then the mystery can be resolved.

Why they have not attached??

The fact that the two dogs have not attacked the wolf can seem strange but in reality the shepherd dogs almost always avoid to kill the raiders if these don't represent a danger.
An aggressive dog cannot be never excessively a good shepherd dog.
The dogs are generally limited to hold the wolves away from their perimeter and to run after them for some hundred meters.
Often during this ritual of run can happen that  escape us some bite but rarely the bites are deadly.
it is as if the dogs meant the wolves: "go out from here this is our zone"; only that not could speak they use this way of communicating fact of barking, bites and turns of admonishment.
Many of this behavior are surprised for many unnatural.
In reality being the wounded wolf, has come to miss that rubber band that makes to go off the whole reaction of the dogs.
in the photo to the right Poppea with her Vreccale on the Majella Mountain  (Foto Marco Petrella)


The wolf in fact could not race and could not manifest the classical signs that are interpreted by the dogs as a danger of it.
For the shepherd dogs to run away the raiders is as a game and when they have been found again next to their wolf in reality they were waiting that the wolf gave him that signals: a fast movement a release that gave him motive "for so to say" to be able to run after him to tell him in their language "this is our territory go out from here... ".  A few what happens in the cats that once captured a mouse they patiently attend that It stir for running after it.
The fact therefore it is normal entirely and it doesn't represent some one miraculous event.
To define then the Abruzzese the good friend of the wolf is a correct affirmation and they always shows it the greater applications of use in the most varied parts of the world.
Using these dogs they are avoided other methods of protection that often bring to the killing of the wolves that therefore, they have found an allied profit in their struggle to the survival..

 in the photo of Deb Power (USA) Charlie Brown together with his friend Abruzzese, Vinny (breeder. Marco Petrella) used in Colorado to defend the Alpaca from the raiders.

Written Wednesday November 1 st 2006