I Pastori del Morrone e della Maiella


Today it is a park visited by the tourists, once was place of job of about ten people that among enormous sacrifices they tried to earn him from vivere.  
The shepherds gathered their sheep in called groups "morre". One "Morrra" of sheep it had more than thousand sheep and it was often checked only by a shepherd. 
The war among the various clans was strong as also that among the wild animals which the wolf was the principal protagonist. 
Every family of shepherd was almost always tied up from to others and between them they were usual to call "Compari". 
The bond was very strong as it was also it the antipathy with determined clan that frequently produced violent quarrels tied to the scarce presence of water and the particular conditions of life to which were submitted. 
Every Shepherd had some big white dogs that defended their masters and the sheep from the attacks of the wolves. 
The shepherds gathered their sheep in the pasture and they pastured her along the pastures to them assigned. 
In the photo we see Costantino Cianfaglione while it was going down to valley with the loaded jewel of cheese.
Here are some shepherds on the hill "colle delle vacche". A donkey and three mules were a good mean of locomotion but not all they could afford a mule.

Do You Know them?
A group of shepherds during a reunion of the "opera pia". The photo has gone off in front of the church of the Madonna of the snow to Pratola. 
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The precious fertilizer.

The women generally stayed to house but not for this their job was less main points. 
They handled to manage the family and to administer the resources that the pastorizia produced. 
Their houses were of the small shops in which he/she sold him the cheese and the ricotta. 
Also manure was a precious good because it enriched the country of useful elements to the growth of the vegetables and the plants and for this it was very sought after at the farmers. 
in the photo we see a group of gentleman with their typical customs while the baskets of manure were loaded by to bring in the fields. 
to do this they were used some baskets that you once fill you/they were put on the heads of the ladies. 
Often the baskets were very heavy yet these strong women brought her with extreme facility.

The signals of danger. 
Often in mountain a shepherd that had to manage a big number of sheep stayed only. 
The dangers and the problems that were introduced they were so many and for this the shepherds had contrived some systems that served to signal possible problems to valley and therefore to ask reinforcements. 
These signals were formed from fires turned on in determined points and visible to valley. 
If a shepherd turned on a fire he wanted to say that it needed to recover some sheep that they were lost; it turned on two he wanted to say that there was a wounded shepherd and that it needed immediately to send helps. 

The cheese's preparation.
The cheese was directly prepared on the pasture and then brought to valley with some Mules. 
In the two photo we see one of the last shepherds of the Morrone mountain: Costantino Cianfaglione while it was producing the cheese.
The photo has been gone off in the place "Vicenna" on the Morrone Mountain.
Once made the cheese him it went down to valley to sell it.
......and then they returned in mountain.
Home barber
It happened that of the times the sheperd stayed a lot in mountain. 
Once was so many the men that stayed in mountain and then the barber went to find again his clients. 
in the photo we see Costantino Cianfaglione, a barber and on the horse Palmo Donadei (Buschett'). 
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