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To see the dogs of Mark Petrella it is necessary to go in Abruzzo to Pratola Peligna (AQ). 
The dogs are found along the ancient tratturo that connected the mountains abruzzesi with the summer pastures between Pratola and Raiano. 
Pratola is found in the center of the Abruzzo, it belongs to the National park Of the MAIELLA and it is set among the principal parks of Abruzzo. 
To reach Pratola from Rome is necessary to take the highway A25 Pescara-Roma and to go out to the motorway release of Pratola Peligna. 
To be able to visit the breeding it is necessary to phone the n. +39.0864.272356 or +39.349.2886009.  

The distances from the confinements of the principal parks of Abruzzo are the followings:
National park of Abruzzo: km.20.  
National park of the Gran Sassp: km 10.  
Regional park Velino Sirente: km 15.  
Pratola is found around 150 Kms by Roma,160 km from Naples (17 SS street for Roccaraso), 65 kms from Pescara and 60 kms from L'Aquila.  

The principal skiing places are found to the following distances: Roccaraso km.50, Scanno km 25, Rocca Di Mezzo km 40, Campo Imperatore km 60. 

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