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At birth, pups weigh less than 100 grs but already after a few days they double their weight. Later around ten days, their rhythm of growth is of around 150 grs. a day. Many think that a good shepherd Abruzzese ought to have the skin of the eyes, nose and mouth all black. In the choice of a pup it is necessary to remember this detail but it is also necessary to remember that the pups are not born pigmented and that they often complete the pigmentation after a few months.
It often happens that you will see, dogs excellently pigmented but from the slender structure (also a bastard can have the black rims!). 
In the choice of a pup, therefore, it is necessary to keep track of varied factors, in fact, also a dog slightly pigmented but of good structure can be a good sample. 
Later around twenty days they start to sprout the first teeth and at one month of age, the mother begins to wean them. In the choice of a pup it is necessary to entrust the choice to an experienced person and not to be in a hurry. In fact, a pup is not a package to order to the supermarket. It generally is necessary to book the pup from the select breeder with a few months of advance from the moment. The dogs go twice in heat a year.


Another parameter of evaluation used by some is that to choose the pups that doesn't have the spur (read dew claws) because it was thought good in the goals of selection. Even if a dog can aesthetically be more presentable it serves to remember that in some areas of Abruzzo the shepherds that have been the first ones to select the race, thought you improve the dogs endowed with spur or double spur and they often discarded those who didn't have them. Today this characteristic is penalized unfortunately (alas..) for the dogs that participate in canine shows. 

Some breeders also release a pedigree that certifies the purity of the dog and his genealogical tree. In the certificate the dog is recognized with the name of Maremmano abruzzese since the race Abruzzese is not recognized by the ENCI having been the two races (Maremmana and Abruzzese) unified in 1951.



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