Here are some articles to better understand the Abruzzese Shepherd dogs   and our region.
There are suggestions on the health and on as to prevent some problems a lot of communes to our dogs.
in this page they there or they will be brought, also studies or monographs on the race.
There are also studies, or monographs, on the breed. These include some reports on the visits affected by Marco Petrella during his search for new examples with corresponding photos.
The authors own all published material. Reproduction, whole or partial, of these pages and photographs without the authorization of the authors is strictly forbidden.

The magazine D'Abruzzo on the family dogs Petrella An interesting article published on the magazine "D'Abruzzo", which tells the story of the Petrella's  family 
The vaccines last a lifetime An interesting article from a study by Dr. Schultz, veterinary immunologist and researcher of the vaccines' University of Wisconsin casts shadows on the protocols followed by veterinarians.
NOTE: This article is only on Italian but with link of English sources


The Childrens of ACLI visit the Petrella Farm July 2008: A group of children of the ACLIs has come to make visit to our dogs.
Story and photo of the day.
The show of Manoppello Saturday December 8 th 2007 is developed to Manoppello (PE) an assembly devoted  to the Abruzzesi Mastiffs.
They have taken part numerous dogs. We have realized a page with the photos of some of the present subjects to this assembly..

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The use of Maremma Abruzzesi on the protection of the protected fauna
An article of Marco Petrella on Maremma Abruzzesi  used in the protection of the protected fauna in Australia
The Death of the bear Bernardo An article that defended the shepherds unjustly accused of his death. and a fast chronicle of some attacks of wolves.
The Lay "Turco" a comment of the new ordinance of January 16 th 2007 to prevent the aggressions from the dogs and the complete text understood the list of the races "you incriminate"

NOTE: This article is only on Italian
The health of our dogs Some suggestions to prevent some dangers in the summer: foxtails and the phlebotomists.
The Wolves attack Flock. The wolves have not attacked to such an extent for many years. A group of wolves nearly reached the city of Sulmona and attacked a flock of 800 sheep in the commune of Pacentro. Here is the story of the attack with some photos.
Warning: The graphics may not be suitable for sensitive people.
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the assembly of Manoppello This is the story of a non-competitive gathering devoted to the Abruzzese Shepherds and includes photos.
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The walk on the Morrone. The first walk on Morrone Mountain was on Sunday, August 24, 2003. It was a great holiday. People came from Italy, France, Scotland and the United States to admire the pastures of the Morrone and to assist in the preparation of cheese served by the shepherds.
Thoughts on the Sirchia law A comment on the law and the complete text with the list of banned breeds.
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Wolf attack on  Roccacasale Some wolves have attached a flock of sheep to Roccacasale on Morrone Mountains  in the park of the Majella.
the story of Marco Petrella of a day given to find again the lost sheep.

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Abruzzesis dogs save wolf November 1 st 2006 the newspapers have given ample prominence to the history of 2 dogs Abruzzesi that has  saved a wolf.
We read the history and we try to understand because the dogs are involved a great deal in this way inusual for the human ones.